Shop Regulations

  1. General provisions


  1. These Regulations set out the rules of making transactions in PETITE MAISON e-Shop available at: and operated by the Seller.


  1. Definitions:


Seller/Producer – ZAK SP. Z O.O. with its registered office in Warsaw, at ul. Puławska 1A/20, 02-515 Warsaw, entered in the commercial register by the District Court for Warsaw-Mokotów in Warsaw, Division XIII Economic of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000620898, REGON (statistical number): 364612480;


Client – a natural person who has at least limited capacity to perform legal acts and attained 18 years of age as well as a legal person or an organisational entity without legal capacity;


Shop/Website – PETITE MAISON e-shop operated by the Seller on the website:;


Goods/Products – textile items and accessories produced or delivered by PETITE MAISON for retail sales, marked with PETITE MAISON’S trademarks;


Price – value of Goods placed under each Product on the website Prices are given in PLN and include VAT (gross prices), but do not include the cost of delivery of Goods to the place pointed by the Client (see: Shipment);


Supplier – a courier company which co-operates with the Seller;


Cost of Delivery/Shipment of Goods – the cost connected with delivery of Goods ordered by the Client between the Shop and the place pointed by the Client;


Order – a purchase order of Goods (a purchase offer) placed in the Shop by the Client in accordance with these Regulations.


  1. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to process the order in case of any mistakes occurring on the Shop websites (such as displaying incorrect price, availability etc.).


  1. Availability of goods is updated from Monday till Friday at afternoon hours, except for days free from work.


  1. Information provided on the Shop’s website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Law regulations.


  1. The Seller reserves the right to limit the quantity of ordered Goods offered in the Shop in promotional prices.


  1. Shop Clients must not send illegal content or any content which would stand in contradiction with principles of community life.


  1. Registration as well as terms and conditions of placing orders


  1. Fill in the Order form available on the Shop’s website. Read and accept Shop Regulations.


  1. If the Client requires a VAT invoice, he/she may indicate the data necessary to issue such invoice in the Order.


  1. By placing the Order the Client accepts these Regulations.


  • Processing of Orders


  1. Placing the Order on the Shop’s website means that the Client has concluded a sales agreement.


  1. The Client may provide payment for the Goods and Cost of their Delivery only in the following ways:
  • by a transfer to a bank account;
  • by a credit card in the case of payments made online.

Forms of payments may be changed in accordance with information available on the e-Shop website (in accordance with section IV of the Regulations).


  1. In the case of payments made by a bank transfer or a card time of Order processing is counted from the moment at which the payment is credited on the Seller’s account.


  1. The Seller reserves the right to additional verification of Client’s data, e.g. by a telephone call.


  1. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to process the Order in the case when:
  • the order form has been filled in incorrectly;
  • the order has been placed in violation of these Regulations;
  • the Price of the transaction results from an obvious mistake of the Seller or the system.


  1. Orders may be placed in the Shop 24/7 every day of the year.


  1. Subject to par. 9 the Seller delivers Goods included in the Order to the Client with a purchase confirmation, i.e. a cash register receipt or a VAT invoice issued on a Client’s request. The VAT invoice is issued only if the data required for placing of the Order have been filled in correctly.


  1. The Seller reserves the ownership right to the Goods until the moment of payment of their Price in accordance with provisions of these Regulations.


  1. Terms and conditions of sale are stipulated in these Regulations, biding law regulations and any possible individual agreements made between the Seller and the Client.


  1. Delivery of Ordered Goods


  1. The Seller shall process the delivery of ordered Gods in the form of a courier shipment carried out by the Supplier.


  1. The Shipment carried out by the Supplier is processed within 7 business days from the moment at which the payment is credited on the Seller’s account in the case of payments made by a bank transfer or a card.


  1. Current Cost of Delivery of Goods is provided on the Shop’s website.


  1. The Seller is not liable for delays in shipment resulting from reasons, the fault for which cannot be attributed to the Seller, unless such liability stems from law regulations.


  1. All shipments are controlled by the Seller and packed in foil fitted with the Seller’s logo. If the Client receives a shipment with a damaged tape which would indicate a third person’s involvement, the Client should refuse to accept such a shipment.


  1. Replacement and Return of Purchased Goods


  1. Pursuant to Article 7 par. 1 of the Act of 2 March 2000 on Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and Liability for Damage Caused by a Hazardous Product (Journal of Acts of 2000, No. 22, item 271 as amended) (the “Act”), the Client who is a consumer is entitled to withdraw from the sales agreement in 10 days from the day of receipt of goods.


  1. Goods which are returned or replaced:
  • should have original and undamaged package delivered by the producer;
  • should be complete;
  • should be fitted with a return form and a receipt;
  • cannot bear any traces of use.

The above requirements regarding the return do not violate or limit Client’s rights to submit a claim in accordance with law regulations. The above requirements regarding consumers should be interpreted each time in accordance with biding law regulations.


  1. In the case of withdrawal from the sales agreement on the basis described in section VI.1, both the Seller and the Client which is the consumer are obliged to return everything what they received from the other party pursuant to the concluded agreement.


  1. The consumer is not entitled to withdraw from the agreement in the cases described in detail in Article 10 par. 3 of the Act.


  1. With Seller’s consent the Client may replace Goods with other Goods within 10 days from the day of their receipt.


  1. In the case of replacement of Goods, the payment made for the Goods in the amount of Price shall be credited for the benefit of the Price of the newly ordered Goods. Any possible difference in Prices shall be paid by the Client or returned by the Seller to the Client’s account.



  1. Please address returns to:

    Petite Maison
    Ul. Wilcza 3/42
    00-538 Warszawa


  1. Complaints


  1. Pursuant to provisions of the Act of 27 July 2002 on Special Conditions of Consumer Sales and Amendments of the Civil Code (Journal of Act of 2012, No. 141, item 1176 as amended), the Seller is liable for incompliance of Goods with the agreement towards the Clients who are consumers. In the case of Clients who are not consumers the Seller is liable on the basis of provisions laid down in the Civil Code.


  1. By submitting the complaint the Client shall be obliged to send Goods with a correctly filled in complain form and a purchase confirmation to the following address:


Petite Maison
Ul. Wilcza 3/42
00-538 Warszawa


  1. The Client should provide in the complaint form the contact data, such as telephone number and/or e-mail address.


  • Seller’s liability


  1. The Seller is not liable for results stemming from Client’s order placement which is improper or incompliant with Regulations, in particular incorrect filling in of a registration form and/or a purchase order.


  1. Subject to imperative law regulations, Seller’s liability towards the Clients who are not consumers is limited to loses, does not encompass lost profits, and cannot exceed the amount of the Price.


  • Personal data protection


  1. By registering in the Shop the Client expresses his/her consent for the Seller to gather and process his/her personal data provided in the form within the meaning of the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Acts of 2002, No. 101, item 926 as amended) only for the purposes of processing of Orders.


  1. The Client may express his/her consent to receive from the Seller advertising and/or commercial information via Registration form and marking appropriate option. The Client may be provided with such information, amongst other, via electronic means of communication. Client’s expression of consent does not constitute a condition for Order processing.


  1. The Client is entitled to view the personal data provided as well as to change and/or remove them.


  1. The Client who purchases in the shop expresses his/her consent to provide his/her e-mail address to ZAK SP. Z O.O. and to process his/her personal data by e-shop in order to send electronic messages (in accordance with biding law regulations of the Act of 28 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection).


  1. Final provisions


  1. These Regulations are subject to changes at any time.


  1. The Regulations and their changes enter into force at the moment of their publishing on the e-Shop website.





  1. What data about you do we gather?


While shopping in www.petitemaison.ok e-shop you may be asked to provide some personal data by filling in the form. These data are indispensable so that your order is saved in the system. We require to be provided only with data that are indispensable for processing of your order, sending a newsletter and tailoring our offer to your needs. The provision of personal data is completely voluntary. While you visit our website, some data are gathered automatically, such as your IP address, domain name, type of operating system etc.


  1. How do we use your data?


If you have signed in to receive a newsletter or expressed your consent to receive it in any other way, we will use your data to send the newsletter. The data may be provided to a third party which handles newsletter sending if we use the services of such a third party. Data gathered automatically may be used to analyse client’s behaviour, collect demographic data or customise newsletters. ZAK SP. Z O.O. does not render available any personal data to any economic entities in order to gain financial profits or process the data further.


  1. How do we contact our clients?


If you have purchased goods and left us your e-mail address, we will send you a purchase order. If you have signed in to receive our newsletter you will receive it via e-mail.


  1. How can you inform us about the change of your personal data?


You have a right to view your personal data, change them and request from us to stop processing them as well as object their processing. While placing an order you may change you data keeping your client’s number. You may also write out of the newsletter at any time.


Use of cookie files (cookies)


In we sometimes use cookies, i.e. small text files sent to a user’s computer in order to identify him/her. Saving of cookies improves our effectiveness and comfort of using our website. Cookies are harmless for the computer and its user. In order for cookies to work it is necessary to accept them via the browser. Cookies do not contain personal data.


  1. How do we secure your data?


When we gather your data, the communication between your computer and our server is encrypted via an SSL protocol. Pursuant to the Act of 29 August 1997 on Personal Data Protection, your personal data are stored in ZAK SP. Z O.O.’s data set.


  1. Change of privacy policy


We reserve the right to change this privacy policy by publishing a new privacy policy on the website:

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© Petite Maison
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